Biohermes Showcased New Products at CMEF
Biohermes Showcased New Products at CMEF
Release Date:2021.10.18
Update Date:2024.05.30

This autumn, the healthcare industry had its eyes on Shenzhen, China, as the 85th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) — the Asia-Pacific region's largest trade fair of medical equipment, took place in Shenzhen, October 13-16. CMEF has been one of the major stages where Biohermes showcases its latest medical device technologies and solutions.

HbA1c Testing,choose Biohermes Chromatography, Room Temperature Storage, Specialized, Accurate and Precise

From the first handheld glycohemoglobin analyzer with the same accuracy as HPLC to the four channels glycohemoglobin analyzer which is most suitable for laboratory (each channel is independent, and get four results in 8 minutes), the operation is extremely simple and the accuracy is improved to a higher level, then the fully automatic single channel glycohemoglobin analyzer came out in the clinical departments, and finally launched the "gold standard" of Ion-Exchange HPLC methodology full-automatic glycohemoglobin analyzer BH60. The series of glycohemoglobin analyzers have realized the full coverage of hospitals at all levels in China and more than 100 countries in the world.

Biohermes, not just glycohemoglobin

Biohermes is based on glycohemoglobin, but not just it. In order to meet the increasing demand for improving the service capacity, Biohermes has launched a series of new products.

① 12 Channels Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer

12 independent incubation channels, 12 test items can be test at the same time, and can automatically recognize the insertion of strips. One step operation, mixed tests of multiple items, constant incubation temperature, higher sensitivity, accuracy, reliability, efficiency and convenience.

②Thrombelastograph Analyzer

Thromboelastogram is an inspecting machine which can Dynamic monitoring of the whole process of coagulation and fibrinolysis. It can completely describe the whole process of a blood sample from coagulation factor activation, platelet aggregation, blood clot formation and fibrinolysis. Thus, it can quickly determine if the patient has hypercoagulability, hypocoagulation or fibrinolysis, then analyze the cause of formation. It has great value for clinical assessment of coagulation function, guidance of blood component transfusion, risk of prediction thrombus / bleeding and guidance of medicine use. Exclusive patented technology, high throughput, intelligent, all-in-one machine.

③ ACR analyzer

The urinary albumin / creatinine ratio (ACR), as the most sensitive index of early renal injury, has been recommended by international and domestic authoritative guidelines. It is recognized as one of the indicators of chronic kidney disease and diabetic nephropathy.

④ Color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system

The high-resolution imaging system has excellent and clear image quality, humanized design, easy to use, and is equipped with rich interfaces to meet the needs of hospital data transmission.

Biohermes is actively engaged in international exchanges and close cooperation with medical experts worldwide. We take it upon ourselves to build innovative medical solutions around clinical needs to help caregivers deliver the best patient care. With the vision of "To become the most reputable IVD enterprise in the world", Biohermes will continue to provide reliable, high-quality healthcare innovations and services worldwide to improve human well-being.

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