China-Indonesia Symposium Explores Innovations in Chronic Disease Management
China-Indonesia Symposium Explores Innovations in Chronic Disease Management
Release Date:2024.01.05
Update Date:2024.05.30

On January 3, 2024, China-Indonesia Chronic Disease Education and Management Exchange Symposium was hosted by the Wuxi Medical Device Industry Association and BioHermes Bio & Medical Technology Co., Ltd. in Wangzhuang Science and Technology Innovation Park. The event provided a platform for experts to address challenges and share advancements in chronic disease management between the two countries.

The Symposium was hosted by Yan LiuGeneral Manager of Wuxi BioHermes Bio& Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and Vice President of Wuxi Medical Device Industry Association. Dr. Qian, from Department of Disease Control and Prevention, and Cai, from Department of Chronic Non-infectious Disease Prevention and Control, Nantong Center for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced knowledge about chronic diseases and conducted relevant exchanges based on the current status of chronic disease management in Indonesia, Wuxi City, and Nantong City. This forum also invited experts to participate in the discussions.

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With the theme of "New Situation, New Tasks, and New Starting for Chronic Disease Management", Director Cai started from the current situation of chronic disease prevalence and the aging population in Nantong City, and combined with the "Healthy China Action 2019-2030" planning outline, emphasized the importance of standardized management and patient self-management for chronic diseases. It was mentioned that the current severe challenges facing Chinese chronic disease management mainly include the lack of primary medical experts; soaring demand for health services; low service efficiency; and insufficient technology and capacity building. He also pointed out that exploring new form of chronic disease management requires breaking the shortcomings of the separation of prevention and treatment in the traditional chronic disease management, combining Internet technology and optimizing the distribution of medical resources to improve the service of medical and health institutions, integrating prevention and treatment.

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Dr. Eva gave a detailed introduction to the prevalence of major chronic diseases in Indonesia from 2013 to 2018. This includes an analysis of the causes of changes in disease conditions over the years, and points out that the main problems currently faced by Indonesia are low disease screening detection rates and low treatment effectiveness. In response to these problems, the Indonesian government has also taken many measures, including strengthening the construction of the medical system, strengthening health education and publicity, and increasing screening of target groups, which have reduced the mortality and disability rates related to chronic diseases, and alleviated the financial burden caused by chronic diseases.

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With the theme of "Type 2 Diabetes Control", Director Qian introduced the regional distribution and population prevalence of type 2 diabetes in China based on the current situation of type 2 diabetes prevention and control in Wuxi City, and put forward the Diabetes Management needs for diabetic patients. Increase the public awareness of diabetes and actively carry out diabetes screening which play a vital role in early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment of diabetes patients.

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The symposium fostered discussions on chronic disease management, diabetes control, and market entry strategies for Indonesian collaboration. It provided Chinese and Indonesian companies an opportunity to deepen their mutual understanding, fostering economic contributions through bilateral commercial partnerships.

As the symposium concluded, the hope spread for successful collaboration between medical companies from China and Indonesia, driving advancements in chronic disease prevention and management while accelerating economic development.

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