Disposable Sputum Suction Laryngeal Mask


Normal type A, Normal type B, Visual type A, Visual type B


Disposable sputum suction laryngeal mask is suitable for patients under anesthesia or drug sedation and for patients requiring urgent artificial ventilation support during first aid and resuscitation to upper respiratory tract patency


  • Interventional devices can be inserted to provide respiratory support while safely performing airway operations
  • Rotary breathing interface can reduce the distortion of the mask handle caused by torsional tension when connecting the breathing circuit and avoid ventilation leakage
  • Side-opening drainage groove fits the physiological distribution of the three major salivary glands of the human body, making it more practical for removing sputum
  • Built-in suction chamber connects with the drainace tank under the mask and mechanical ventilation connects with negative pressure to prevent reflux and aspiration

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