Cuff Controller


lmprove the work efficiency of medical staff

Effectively reduce the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia

Change intermittent monitoring to continuous monitoring and intelligent control


  • Airbag pressure real-time monitoring and intelligent control
  • Prevent tracheal damage and complications caused by excessive air bag pressure
  • Prevent the influx of oropharyngeal secretions and the reflux and aspiration of gastric contents due to insufficient airbag pressure
  • Timely detection of airbag rupture and airbag leakage
  • Reduce patients' ICU stay and mechanical ventilation time
  • Reduce antibiotic use
  • Improve the work efficiency of medical staff
  • Reduce the incidence and mortality of VAP
  • Studies have found that the controller can reduce the incidence of WAP by 56.6% andairway mucosal damage by 80%.

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