Disposable ETCO₂ Sampling Nasal Cannula


 XYG-WL2000, XYG-WL2500, XYG-WL3000, XYG-WS2000, XYG-WS2500, XYG-WS3000



This product is suitable for patients who need oxygen inhalation in departments including anesthesiology, emergency department, pneumology department, ICU, endoscopy center and Geriatrics department. It can monitor end-tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2) in real-time when inhaling oxygen.



  • Innovative dual-chamber design of the breath sampling port .Double nose sampling, designed to mitigate the potential influence of the nasal cycle on CO2 sampling
  • Simultaneously delivers oxygen while sampling CO2 during spontaneous breathing. Detect the changes of patient's abnormal breathing timely
  • Hexagonal-structured oxygen supply cannula with an anti-pressure closure mechanism, ensuring optimal oxygen delivery

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