Disposable Double-Lumen Endobronchial Tube


Visual type Left cavity: 32Fr, 35Fr, 37Fr

Normal type Left cavity: 28Fr, 32Fr, 35Fr, 37Fr, 39Fr, 41Fr


Double lumen endobronchial tube is placed in the main trunk of the bronchus and can be used for selective inflation or deflation, sputum suction, unilateral lung ventilation, or for bronchoscopy


  • The air bag regulates single and double lung ventilation, and the operation is simple and flexible
  • High-volume, low-pressure cuff reduces compression damage to the airway
  • The airbag structure is well fixed, not easy to shift and highly safe
  • The distal arc-shaped structure has a guiding function and facilitates positioning
  • Reduce the difficulty of tracheal intubation, dynamically monitor the airway, and improve the safety and effectiveness of anesthesia

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